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Welcome to Candles & Beyond. All our products are handmade with tender loving care right here in Centre, AL . We use only the highest quality ingredients to make the best products we possibly can. Each candle and bar of soap will be unique because they are handpoured individually. Not all scents have been tested in every style candle available, but let me know which you're

Candles & Beyond

Handpoured from the heart

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Update: Due to the continual rise of petroleum I am forced to increase prices. I've been trying to hold this off as long as I was able, but the time has come. Not all prices will change, but those that do will show up during March as I have time to calculate the cost increases. I regret having to do this, but I hope you all will understand.

interested in and if it's not ready yet, it will be put at the top of the test list. All products will be thoroughly tested before you receive them.

Decorations in displays are not included. Accessories only included if stated so in description.

All prices include sales tax and are subject to change.